Eye Shadow Tripple Threat Palettes

Eye Shadow Tripple Threat Palettes

$ 14.75 USD

Lets Get Pretty

To anyone's whose daily routine involves  sitting in front of a mirror to perfect that gorgeous mug of yours. I got some colors that are sure to wow anyone who is lucky enough to look at your eyelids.  The colors I speak of, the ones that melt together to blend so effortlessly can take minutes off that mirror eye staring contest you just can't win. Your day will be beautiful. Just like your eyelids! 

The Palettes:

  • Earthly: Forest Bark, Leprechaun Mischief, and Honey Drop
  • Rough Around the Edges: Mermaid Fin, Rose Petal, and Hypnosis
  • Elegance: Dragon Scale, Honey Drop, Leprechaun Mischief
  • Fancy Pants: Dragon Scale, Gold Dust, Leprechaun Mischief
  • Rebellion: Ocean Glimmer, Rose Petal, and Hypnosis
  • Princess: Rose Petal, Hypnosis, and Dragon Scale


  • Mica Powders 
  • Silicone based pressing gel

The pressing gel is a blend of silicone with a mid weight viscosity. Fully vegan - vegetable derived - ingredients include: 

Isopropyl Myristate, Dimethicone, Bos-vinyl Dimethicone/Dimethicone Copolymer.