Processing and Shipping


During the hotter months: Summer

Please allow 2-4 days processing. Hotter weather means longer set times. I don't want your product to melt during the shipping process, its very important that they sit a little extra longer to make sure the middle is fully set.

During the Cooler months: Fall / Winter / Spring

Please allow 1-3 days processing. Cooler weather means setting happens more quickly so I'll be able to send it out asap.

Beauty Accessories and More

I will be using companies that have their warehouses throughout the U.S. and Canada

They're processing and shipping times are a bit longer than mine. The Companies I use, will use USPS or DHL(us) as their shipping methods

They usually ship their products out between 2-7 days after your order is placed, so please be a little more patient with them than you are with me and thank you ♡


 I use USPS first class priority mail 2-3 day shipping 

I will only charge $3.00 for All US orders over the amount of $20.00

Otherwise the shipping is free! 

International Orders: 

If your order is 1-64$ the shipping price is $20

If your order is 65 and over shipping is free