Where It All Started

The Perfume Bars were my very first product. I didn't start selling right away though, I was an affiliate myself for a company called Sugar Shower.  After working really hard and making my way up in the affiliate world, I talked to the owner about the perfume bars I used to make in high school. After a few questions and what not we decided to sell some of my bars on her website, to see how they would do.

Surprisingly, they were a hit, and then we started talking about a business all on my own.  It took a while to get everything in order but that is basically where Destinys Sweet Scents was born.

I didn't only make perfume bars though. Chap stick, Wax Melts and Eye shadow were also among the originals for me.  As you can see, my little shop has turned into a bigger passion for me. 

Make your bath time even more relaxing

Destinys Sweet Scents now has candles, wax melts, and bath bombs to help relax to the max

How To Relax, The Sweet Way

Our Wax Melts

Make your house smell fresh to death with some of my adorable Tart melts. These small but fierce little babies are guaranteed to make your room smell the way your nose deserves it to smell. Delicious to clean and everything in between. My scents will make the noses of you and your loved ones happy.  

Our Bath Bombs

They Fizz and spin with such elegance and grace you'd swear it was a ballet performance. It leaves behind a gorgeous color, a luscious scent, and some shimmer for an extra boost to the beauty of these bath bombs

Our Candles

Small little jars filled with the cutest little candles around. When the wick is lit the wax melts into a shimmering sight and leaves behind an awesome, strong, scent. Jars are 4 oz each

You will also get a small length of Candle wick, to help light the candle once its almost out. Just light one end, and lower into the candle jar to light the candle wick.